Training and Support for Temps

We are committed to providing support to Temps subscribed to our platform, making sure that the temporary workers are comfortable in their positions and have the necessary skills to complete the job offered professionally and under a good working relationship with the employer. Our team are at hand to answer any relevant questions and will work with the Gig employers to help find a solution to any skills gaps.

Skills are Changing

Recent advances in technology are changing how we live, communicate and do business, disrupting traditional industries and redefining the employee-employer relationship. Workers of the future will need new sets of skills to compete in the world of automation and robotics, these factors will significantly threaten a proportion of existing human jobs, particularly in disadvantaged backgrounds, pushing significant numbers into unemployment.

Moreover, due to the pandemic, schools have had their curriculums disrupted, youth from disadvantaged backgrounds may not be able to get back to school to close the skilling gap created, this could affect the future of work.

WeaTemps was founded as a catalyst to apprehend situations like this, to close the skills gap, WeaTemps integrates smart technologies into the world of temporary work to reskill and upskill disadvantaged youth’s knowhow.

Nevertheless, UNESCO is committed to helping countries plan for new skills needed. While academic skills have often been the focus of education systems, other skills that help us to better learn to live together and prepare us for the world of work must not be underestimated. This video below highlights key messages on the importance of these skills, such as critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, and empathy among many others as we enter a new era for Education 2030; towards inclusive and quality education and lifelong learning for all. (Video published by UNESCO).

If you have any questions regarding skills and training that we offer, please contact our team directly through the email