Hire the best Temps – some top tips!

Hire workers for temp jobs securely with WeaTemps

There are some important considerations when you are looking to hire workers for temp jobs. Here are some of our top tips to remember. It may save you time, money and help you find the right person for the job. We help make the whole process easy. 


Review the worker’s skills and experience related to the job

The first thing to check before you hire workers is that they have the necessary skills, experience and qualifications for the job that you need. Some workers will have a good CV but many working in labour-focussed roles may not have an up-to-date or well written CV. It may be poorly formatted or structured, or could be hard to find the information you need. It may also be hard to compare with other applicant’s CVs because all the formats are all different. By having a clear description of their offerings, you should be able to learn about them quickly. 

Check the worker’s qualifications

As well as the skills and experience your role may require. There may also be some mandatory qualifications to check before you hire a worker.  This may be related to your industry such as within the construction industry or a driving licence for driving jobs. These documents may need to be shown to the employer on site before they can start the job. If the worker turns-up without it, you will have to turn them away and could be left short for the day. Ask in advance for any documentation that is important. A photo or a scan of a document in advance will save you time. 

Get recommendations for the worker

As well as a good CV, you should get some recommendations or a reference for the worker you are looking to hire. This will back-up their CV and provide assurance the person you are speaking to is going to be able to do the job and will work hard for you. We allow employers to review the temps and give feedback for other potential employers. This reference is good for choosing reliable workers.  

Check their right to work in the country

As an employer, it is your responsibility to check that workers you hire have the right to work for you. You must do this before you hire them. You need to make sure they have the correct passport, visa or other documentation to prove their right to work on the job. WeaTemps cannot do all these checks for you. Only you can do this. 

Get an agreement in place for your temp

Remove the difficult contract negotiations and hire a temp worker for the exact work you need. Be clear with the temp about what is required and how long they are required for. Each temp outlines their working requirements in regard to payments. The job details from when you post the job, and any conversations held on the platform’s communication feature, are all captured as evidence in support of the online agreement. Therefore with WeaTemps you know that from the moment you hire a temp worker, that you have the security of the online agreement.

Pay the worker and get invoices

If we are honest, many temp workers are not brilliant at the paperwork side of things. How do you know you will get a proper invoice for your records from the worker? With WeaTemps the invoices are automatically generated for the worker on the platform. You will get a properly formatted clean and clear document as a receipt of payment for the work. This is stored in your account page for when you need them. Or you can download and keep electronically or print for the paper form. The invoices are emailed to you when you make a payment.