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About Us

A socially immersed start-up pioneering in the reinventing of labour by transforming and validating temporary employment into a binding catalyst for income for sustainable and inclusive economies.

Our Vision

A world where everyone can secure a potion of income to provide food and education to their families.

Our Mission

Creating augmented reality assisted smart skills to co-create demand for Labour for a livable world where everyone is healthy, wealthy and at peace.

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The Problem

The COVID-19 bug has knocked us further off-track to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). There has been a severe shortfall in education leaving behind a big gap of knowledge within a scholars’ knowledge base. Students and other categories of learners will lack significant knowledge to execute different kinds of work.

The economy has been shattered as unemployment gets to its peak faster than ever. The US alone lost 379,000 jobs in February 2021 while according to the UN foundation, more than 70 million people worldwide could fall back into poverty (partly due to unemployment) as a result of the pandemic.

The world’s renown physicians have warned that the naughty bug could still be here to stay despite vaccines that are doing wonders, social distancing will remain a core focus, meaning presence of fewer people at workplaces at a given time, consequently with the COVID-19 epidemic accelerating, businesses will continue cutting off majority of their employees and are most likely to resort to temporaries.


WeaTemps was founded as a catalyst to apprehend situations like this, enabling resilience to grasp the major life stressor of unemployment to hasten employment of underprivileged populations globally who due to social, economic and educational background and or disability status, color, ethnicity, race, gender, religion and sexual orientation, are at a distance from the labour market.

The pandemic has exacerbated the need to be connected in order to access jobs, education and markets. We-a-Temps is a socially immersed hybrid startup pioneering in the reinventing of labour by adding value to temporary employment through provision of digital “expertise instructing” to temps subscribing to our platform for temporary employment opportunities, integrating use of both augmented reality and large screen virtual technologies. We are a group of innovators, leaders, activists, and risk-takers impacting communities through the creative transformation of temporary employment to hasten employability, for an economy that affords everyone the opportunity to lead a dignified and productive life.

The World Economic Forum [WEF] reports that a new generation of smart machines, fuelled by rapid advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, could potentially replace a large proportion of existing human jobs. Robotics and AI will cause a serious ‘double-disruption,’ as the coronavirus pandemic pushes companies further to fast-track deployment of new technologies to slash costs, enhance productivity and be less reliant on real-life people. This increased adoption of AI could result in decent jobs being replaced with gig-economy work. WeaTemps is formalizing temporary work to address the challenges

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